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June 14, 2016
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Illustration: Julia Gabrielov


Julia Gabrielov – “Inner Reflection” – PanPastel & Colored Pencils

We came across artist Julia Gabrielov’s work on Instagram, she uses PanPastel with colored pencils for her beautiful illustrations. We are delighted to be able to share Julia’s work here, and more of her work can be seen via the links at the bottom of this post.

WildflowerJulia Gabrielov – “Wildflower” – PanPastel & Colored Pencils

Julia says: “I knew I would love PanPastel Colors the moment I saw them. Some of my favorite artists had been using them in combination with other mediums such as colored pencils, markers, and ink, and I knew they were for me. My heart has always been partial to dry mediums. I feel that is where I have the most control as well as the freedom I need to achieve my desired effects. My style ranges from hyper-realism to more illustrative works and the blendability PanPastel offer is unmatched by any other medium. Needless to say they came very naturally to me and just as I suspected I fell in love. Now I create fantastical artworks with the brilliant colors of PanPastel and they are some of my most popular pieces.”

image2-1Julia Gabrielov – “Maker of Midnight” WIP – PanPastel & Colored Pencils

MakerofMidnightJulia Gabrielov – “Maker of Midnight” – PanPastel & Colored Pencils


Julia Gabrielov – WIP – PanPastel & Colored Pencils


Julia Gabrielov – WIP – PanPastel & Colored Pencils












GrowthJulia Gabrielov – “Growth” – PanPastel & Colored Pencils

Note: Work shown has been created on Smooth Bristol (sizes range from 11 x 14″, 14 x 17″ & 18 x 24″)


 Julia Gabrielov – PanPastel & Colored Pencils


About Julia Gabrielov

Julia Gabrielov was born in Kharkiv Ukraine in 1986. At the age of 2 she moved to the United States with her parents and grandparents. From a young age it was apparent that Julia had an affinity for art. She would spend hours upon hours drawing with her mom in their tiny Brooklynn apartment.

In 2010 Julia’s passion for storytelling evolved into a profession as a full time children’s book illustrator. Some of her works include the “Under The Tree” books and the ongoing “Franklin Bean” series. Shortly after she began writing and illustrating her own stories such as “Dragon on the Moon.” An ongoing project which will be published in the near future. Other stories are planned to be published later in her life.

Julia’s style has undergone many transitions, from anime to hyperrealism. Practicing many style teaches different skills. Each skill is then improved and applied in a style all her own.

It was just in 2013 Julia’s true dream of being a professional artist began to be realized. Creating artwork purely from love and imagination. Since then she has been published in multiple books and magazines as well as participated in art shows all around the world. Becoming a member of the art collective Copycat Violence in 2014 has also boosted her reach and opened many doors. Today she is still developing her collections, ever growing, becoming her best, and realizing her true potential.

“I believe we live in a great era for art. Never before were artists able to connect with each other and expand their own brand than in the social media age. Every day I talk with friends and collectors from so many different places. It truely is an amazing time.”

Julia currently resides in Norfolk, VA with her husband & dog, Lana “Dog Rey”

To see more of Julia’s work visit the following links: Instagram  Facebook  Website