Coloring Book Giveaway!
September 14, 2015
“Artist to Watch” – Enid Wood
November 24, 2015
Coloring Book Giveaway!
September 14, 2015
“Artist to Watch” – Enid Wood
November 24, 2015

Artist Q&A: Natalia Vasilyeva

Russian based artist Natalia Vasilyeva is creating beautiful portraits with PanPastel. She is very popular on Instagram with over 350,000 followers. It is hard to believe she has only been seriously drawing for 3 years. Here is more information on Natalia and her beautiful portraits.

Tell us about your background as an artist.
I’ve been dreaming to draw all my life but didn’t know how to do this right. I didn’t attend special art schools. I have got quite different education in economics and law. I’m a self-taught person and I attended Steve Lester’s courses of dextrocerebral drawing. I have been drawing for 3 years already.


Describe your artwork.
I’m a portrait-maker and mainly draw women and children. Nice photos is what’s inspiring me.

When did you first begin using PanPastel Colors?
I started to use PanPastel Colors around 2 years ago.

How do you use PanPastel colors in your work – what is your technique/process for using them?
I use Portrait set and draw mainly skin and body of people.

Are you combining PanPastel with other media – if so, which media – and how do you use them together?  
I use PanPastel together with Faber-Castell pastel pencils.

Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 1.22.30 PM

What surface(s) do you normally use with PanPastel?
I use Canson paper 120 mg.


What do you see as the main benefits of using PanPastel in your work?
The tone of skin looks natural, it is easy to apply and there is no need for additional stumping.

Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 1.29.03 PM

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Do you have any tips/techniques to share with other artists who are using PanPastel?
They are so simple and are ideal to use.



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Describe the space/studio where you normally create. 
I create in my lovely studio where I draw illustrations and portraits.

Who / what are your creative inspirations?
I’m inspired by beautiful photos. I like to draw women in glasses and vintage. I also like to draw children.

Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 1.21.01 PM

What excites you most about your life as an artist?
I’m excited by illustration of old painters. I feel inspired about transmitting color and making portraits look very much realistic. I’m fond of drawing eyes, because eyes reflect human individuality.

Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 12.28.08 PM

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What’s the most valuable step you have taken on your journey as an artist?
The main lesson for me is Steve Lester’s courses who helped me to open skills for drawing.

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What are your artistic (and other) goals for the future?
I don’t set goals for the future.  I draw for pleasure. The most important is to understand that you must keep learning to draw all your life!

When you are not working on your artwork, what other interests do you have?
I like fashion and travelling to interesting places. I also like to visit new places.

Anything else you would like to share about your work or PanPastel?
PanPastel is a perfect product!


Natalia VasilyevaTo see more of Natalia’s work:

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Visit Natalia’s website:
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