In this mark-by-mark painting demonstration video Joanne Barby explains her PanPastel painting techniques in detail. Joanne shares many tips & techniques to inspire you & to help expand how you use PanPastel Colors. As Joanne paints, we make things easy for you by showing you which PanPastel Colors and Sofft Tools she uses for each mark – any time she changes color we identify which color she is using – so that you can paint along too in the comfort of your home/studio.

PanPastel Colors is a unique range of artist’s pastel colors that can be applied like paint using Sofft Tools. A downloadable materials list is available below (under the video). And there is a 3 min time-lapse version of this video further down this page.

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3 minute version of the full painting demonstration

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Joanne teaches workshops in Australia, US and other countries.
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Upcoming US workshop July 14-16, 2017: Donna Downey Workshop Studio

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