VIDEO TUTORIAL – Painting Clouds

Using Colors in the PanPastel Joanne Barby Seascape Painting Set (Ref. 30252)

Learn how to add clouds to a sky /seascape painting using PanPastel Colors & Sofft Tools.
Joanne shares many tips & techniques to help you learn basic painting techniques with PanPastel.
As Joanne paints, we show you which PanPastel Colors and Sofft Tools she uses for each mark – any time she changes color we identify which color she is using – so that you can paint along too in the comfort of your home.

PanPastel Colors is a unique range of artist’s pastel colors that can be applied like paint using Sofft Tools.  These are the PanPastel colors that Joanne used:

100.5 Titanium White
470.3 Violet Shade
470.8 Violet Tint
520.5 Ultramarine Blue
560.1 Phthalo Blue Extra Dark
580.8 Turquoise Tint
740.8 Burnt Sienna Tint
930.5 Bronze
954.5 Pearlescent Violet

Applied with Sofft Tools: Angle Slice Round Sponge and Knife No.1 (Round) & Covers

Reference image is available for download below.

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Learn how to paint this seascape with Joanne’s Seascape Painting video tutorial here:

Joanne Barby Seascape 2017

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