Susan's Bouquet 2

We recently developed kits with artist Susan Tierney Cockburn who uses PanPastel as an important part of her flower making process. She uses PanPastel to add color to her beautiful hand-made paper flowers for a very realistic effect.

Susan Head Shot 2 Cropped

Three kits are now available as follows:

Susan's Garden Kit 1-3 Color Contents 6.15

PanPastel Susan's Garden Kit & Contents 30115 2Flower Coloring Kit No.1

Each kit includes:
Palette Tray with lid x 1
Sofft Knives + Covers x 2
Sofft Sponge Bar x 1

PanPastel Flower Coloring Kit No.2 & Contents 30116

Flower Coloring Kit No. 2

PanPastel Flower Coloring Kit No.3 Contents 30117 B

Flower Coloring Kit No.3

Projects are available (in PDF format) :
Cherry Blossom
Pansy & Violet

Susan Bouquet LatestFor more information about Susan Tierney Cockburn visit: Susan’s Garden Club