Donna Downey


Mixed media artist Donna Downey is a bestselling author, instructor and all-around creative force. Donna is a born experimenter, blending and transforming both traditional and unexpected items into meaningful pieces of self expression. In addition to teaching workshops around the world, she also runs workshops at her studio in North Carolina (USA).

More information on Donna:

A list of the workshops that Donna is currently teaching (USA and internationally) can be found here.

Donna uses PanPastel regularly in her artwork. Using PanPastel on it’s own for combined with other media for a variety of inspirational mixed media techniques.


Click videos below to watch Donna using PanPastel for a variety of mixed media techniques.

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Visit Donna’s “Simply Me” blog to read more about her PanPastel adventures: Click Here

PanPastel poppies and petunias.

Donna uses PanPastel with gesso and acrylic ground for pastels. Includes video tutorial.

Donna uses PanPastel with canvas.

                                           Donna Downey’s Online Workshops

Take an online PanPastel class with Donna (below).

PanPastel 101

Donna Downey 2

PanPastel 102

Donna Downey 1

PanPastel 201

PanPastel 202

PanPastel 202

PanPastel 203

Donna Downey 3

Inspired – PanPastel Weekend Workshop

Join Donna Downey at her studio in North Carolina.

Immerse yourself in the art of PanPastel in this 4 day workshop with Donna. Eeach day you will be introduced to new surfaces, tools, substrates, and textures building a working repertoire of techniques as you create you create several beautiful finished pieces PanPastel artwork.

Because drawing is not the purpose of this weekend, Donna will teach you several simple ways to colorize, design an transfer images to create the basic foundation of your work. Then building in bold colorful layers transforming blank backgrounds into dimensional art pieces playing with color, value and placement. Taking it a step further, Donna will show you how to incorporate mixed-media elements and mediums into your PanPastel work.

inspired weekend view