We have teamed up with Lisa Ann Watkins to create a kit using her favorite PanPastel Colors & Sofft Tools for the animal portraits that she paints and teaches. Lisa often uses PanPastel Colors in combination with colored pencils.

Short introductory video by Lisa Ann Watkins about this new kit. Lisa explains the reasons why she selected the colors in the kit. Includes a short demonstration of how Lisa uses PanPastel to create black fur on a spaniel portrait.

Timelapse demonstration – Lisa paints a cat using PanPastel Colors.

In this video Lisa shows how to add a PanPastel background to a wolf drawing.

In this realtime video Lisa shows how to add a beautiful blue PanPastel background around a masked off section of a painting.

Timelapse demonstration where Lisa adds reflections on a wooden floor with PanPastel.

Colored Pencil Magazine Article – Sept. 2019

Lisa Ann Watkins wrote an article for the current issue (9.19) of Colored Pencil Magazine – “My Journey with PanPastel”. See below.

Click on each image to see a larger version of the image.

Colored Pencil Magazine Sept 2019 - 1
Colored Pencil Magazine Sept 2019 - 2
Colored Pencil Magazine Sept 2019 - 3
Colored Pencil Magazine Sept 2019 - 4
Lisa Ann Watkins

Lisa is a multi award winning colored pencil artist who specializes in animal portraiture whose work has been featured & published worldwide. Lisa has a deep rooted passion for animals & her work captures not only the likeness of her subjects, but also the expression & individual character of every single one.  After running a very successful pet portrait & wildlife art business for many years, Lisa now teaches both here in the UK & internationally & also has an online teaching channel & is constantly creating new tutorials for both beginners & those looking to push their art to the next level. She works with colored pencils in combination with PanPastel to create a wider array of effects to her fur work. She is proud to be an ambassador for those brands which she trusts & relies on for her work.

YOUTUBE: Animal Art by LAW
WEBSITE: animalartbylaw.co.uk
INSTAGRAM: instagram.com/animalartbylaw
PATREON ART channel – patreon.com/LisaAnnWatkins