Les Darlow – Zoom Skyscape Demonstration Oct. 20th
October 7, 2020
Dawn Emerson – Zoom Demonstration Nov. 14th
November 9, 2020

XrissArt – Online Demo / Q&A Event Oct. 23rd

Chrissy Murray (XrissArt) will be answering questions about using PanPastel Colors, and demonstrating how she uses them
from her studio in Australia, in a livestream event hosted by PanPastel on YouTube on Friday 23rd October 2020 7pm* EST here: https://youtu.be/vVcSzAovUK4

The demonstration is free and open to everyone regardless of experience.

*Please check your local time zone. If you miss the live event it will be available as a recording on our YouTube Channel.

Chrissy has been sharing her techniques for using PanPastel Colors regularly in her YouTube videos. During this livestream event Chrissy will be joined by Berni Ward Co-creator of PanPastel for a short discussion about PanPastel. This is a great opportunity for you to ask questions directly and to learn more the creative possibilities that can be achieved with PanPastel Colors.

Chrissy says:
“I have been using PanPastel Colors for several years and in that time have developed techniques that suit the way I paint. Together with coloured pencil, soft pastels and most of all pastel pencils have given me the edge/style for pieces I never thought I could paint.
PanPastel has taken my work to a whole new level and has given me the skill to go beyond what a soft pastel stick can do for example the colour mixing feature (such a light bulb moment) which mimics wet paint except it is dry, and the ability to work with them anywhere from 85-100% sometimes without adding other mediums in each of my projects. I hope to explore even more techniques in the future as the possibilities are endless.”
If you have specific questions you would like Chrissy to answer please submit them in the form below.
There will also be an opportunity to ask questions in the chat room.
Chrissy Murray 2

Chrissy Murray lives in Lake Macquarie NSW, Australia with 10 years of experience creating videos for tutorials and presenting completed artwork for viewing on YouTube (YouTube channel Xrissart). Chrissy also conducts weekly Live Streams on YouTube demonstrating various mediums including Pastel, Watercolour, Coloured Pencils, Oils, and Acrylics, with the medium of choice in recent times are Soft Pastels and more so PanPastels.

A self-taught, innovative artist with a strong record of producing dynamic visuals for web and video projects specialising in pastels, oils, coloured, and pastel pencils. She also enjoys painting Surreal/Fantasy themes and has exhibited artwork in Regional Art Exhibitions and the latest achievement as a finalist in the Muswellbrook Art Prize 2020 (a prestigious local art prize).

Chrissy is highly passionate about art, technology, and the creative processes and involved in producing an illustrated playing card deck called “Element Realms”. This project is inspired by the elements of the Earth combined with a magical fantastical world. Examples of Chrissy’s work can be viewed on her website www.xrissart.com.

This project has taken over 2 years to produce.  There are over 30 paintings in this body of work which she will be working towards conducting a solo exhibition in 2021.  This will also include the decks, original paintings, and giclee prints with most of these paintings completed with PanPastel Colors.