Cold Wax & PanPastel
December 14, 2019
New Sets – Zorn Set & Blending/Shading Set
September 18, 2020
Cold Wax & PanPastel
December 14, 2019
New Sets – Zorn Set & Blending/Shading Set
September 18, 2020

New Dawn Emerson Set

We are delighted to announce a new set in collaboration with Dawn Emerson – the “Dawn Emerson Collection” Set.

Dawn is the author of the ground breaking book “Pastel Innovations”. She uses PanPastel as a tool for both pastel painting & mixed media that enables her to apply color & layer more creatively, physically & spontaneously. Dawn finds that PanPastel offers transparency that is not possible to achieve with a pastel stick, for her drawings, paintings, mixed media, image layering & print making. 

Dawn’s latest on demand video workshop is available here:

For info on buying this set email:

Dawn visited the PanPastel factory recently to finalize her color selection for the new set. Here is Dawn helping us with the assembly of the first of her “Dawn Emerson Collection” sets produced.

Dawn Emerson
“PanPastel Colors give me the freedom I need to explore new ways to use color, layering, and mark making in my work.”

Dawn Set Front Label


Demonstration No. 1 Exploring Basic PanPastel Techniques : 6:34
Demonstration No. 2 PanPastel & Sumi-E Ink: 22:19
Demonstration No. 3 PanPastel & Brayer Drawing: 38:33

Demonstration No. 2 PanPastel & Sumi-E Ink
Demonstration No. 3 PanPastel & Brayer Drawing


During the video demonstration above, Dawn uses the following materials:

  • PanPastel Colors Set “Dawn Emerson Collection” (40 Colors in 2 Palette Trays). Order ref. 30401*
  • Sofft Tools (Dawn uses Sofft Angle Slice Flat sponges in the video)
  • Any printmaking paper (Dawn uses Strathmore 300 Series Printmaking Paper in the video)
  • Eraser (any)
  • Paper towel (Kitchen)
  • Sumi-E Ink & brush
  • Water miscible oil paint & brayer
  • Pastel Sticks
  • Charcoal
  • Lithographic / Wax Crayon
  • Acetate
  • Template/stencils – Other tools including comb, razor, Clay Shapers etc

*To purchase this set (ref. 30401) contact your PanPastel Retailer. For assistance regarding purchasing this set or any of our products email us:


These are the materials that Dawn used during the demonstration.

The demonstration took place on Nov. 12th, 2019 at Jerry’s Artist Outlet, NJ


  • Create your own tints of any color by adding Titanium White (100.5) for a cool tint OR Raw Umber Tint (780.8) for a warm tint.
  • Create your own shades by adding warm greys (Neutral Grey 820.5 or  Raw Umber 780.5) or cool greys (Paynes Grey 840.3) or Black (800.5) to your color.
  • Make a color more transparent, diluted, and “spreadable” by adding Colorless Blender (010).
  • Make your own pearlescents by adding the White FINE Pearl Medium (011) to any color.
  • Mix complements of the same values together to “neutralize” a color (make it more or less warm or cool).
  • Make your own metallics by referring to the color charts below or experiment on your own.
  • Mix and match any color as you would with paint.

Click on the “Color Mixing Worksheet” below to download & print.

And click the images showing mixed colors to see larger images.

Click worksheet image above to download & print this worksheet or download here.

Print on matt (presentation/premium) paper. Write in the color numbers for future reference.


Dawn’s book “Pastel Innovations” is truly inspirational. Along with her DVDs, it is available online and at various art supply & book stores.

Dawn teaches workshops regularly, for more info visit

Watch the online video of Dawn demonstrating a wide variety of PanPastel techniques. (below).

Follow @PanPastel on social media for many online PanPastel video demonstrations & tutorials,  showing inspiring ways to use PanPastel.



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"In Sight" - Dawn Emerson
"In Sight" - Dawn Emerson
"Hoki Poki" - Dawn Emerson
"Hoki Poki" - Dawn Emerson

About Dawn Emerson

Dawn is the author of the ground-breaking book “Pastel Innovations”. Her work conveys a life energy and movement that is a blend of graphic abstraction and experienced observation from nature. She is a successful gallery artist and in-demand workshop instructor.

Her work has won numerous national and international awards, and she has been featured in art magazines such as The Pastel Journal, The Artists’ Magazine, and International Artist.

Visit Dawn’s website for more to see more of her work, and for more info on her workshops and other news.

INSTAGRAM  @DawnEmersonArt

FACEBOOK     @DawnEmersonArt

Available for download as a pdf here30401 Set Insert

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