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Cold Wax & PanPastel

Have you tried PanPastel for cold wax techniques? If you are new to cold wax, or are already using it, we wanted to tell you about a wonderful book on all things cold wax. “Cold Wax Medium: Techniques, Concepts & Conversations” by Rebecca Crowell and Jerry McLaughlin, is a comprehensive resource for artists interested in the use of cold wax medium. 

As detailed in the book, PanPastel Colors are an excellent addition to the cold wax studio — exciting to use for mark-making and for color and textural effects on semi-dry and dry cold wax surfaces.  

Rebecca & Jerry are offering a special 30% discount code to all PanPastel followers who purchase the book in the next 72 hours (expires Dec. 17th, 2pm EST). Scroll down to the image of the book below to purchase the book from Squeegee Press.

“We love PanPastel Colors because of their safety, convenient packaging, and huge range of colors. You can create subtle color shifts or dramatic, bold effects depending on how you choose to work with them.”

Rebecca Crowell & Jerry McLaughlin – Authors of the “Cold Wax” book.

These images, by Rebecca & Jerry, show some of the ways that they incorporate PanPastel Colors for cold wax techniques.

To purchase or find out more about the book. Click image above or visit:

This 320-page, fully illustrated book provides comprehensive information for those who are new to cold wax, as well as technical expertise and inspiration to those already using the medium.

Jerry & Rebecca include lots of practical information on working with cold wax, including incorporating PanPastel Colors & Sofft Tools. They provide comprehensive information on many aspects of using cold wax including: materials, detailed lists of supplies, studio setup, illustrated how-to sections, and in-depth discussion of procedures. Book purchasers will also have exclusive access to additional bonus material available online.

In addition, the work & words from over 100 artists from around the world are featured. To help strengthen your work and studio practice, and inspire exciting new directions.

30% discount with the special PanPastel discount code:  PANPASTEL30% (code valid until Tues. Dec. 17th 2pm EST).



Rebecca Crowell

Jerry McLaughlin

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