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December 9, 2018
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June 28, 2019

Jason Morgan: Wildlife Painting Resources

WIP from Jason’s new Orangutan painting tutorial video (see below)

Jason Morgan has been busy lately creating lots of great resources for wildlife painting, shown below. So to bring you up to date with the latest video tutorials and new e-book from Jason, we have put together this summary…plus at the bottom of this post is a list of links for Jason, so that you don’t miss out on future resources that Jason provides.


PanPastel Colors are an important part of Jason’s paintings as he uses PanPastel for his underpainting and block-ins. In the following resources he shares his painting techniques and tips with PanPastel and pencils & sticks.

 Jason has just launched his new e-book “Cougar Pastel Drawing” which shows how to paint the cougar below using PanPastel and pastel pencils. The book is available at:

For Jason’s new e-book – click image above or visit:


VIDEO: Using PanPastel to draw hair / fur:

VIDEO: Drawing long fur hair with PanPastel & pastel pencils:

VIDEO: How to draw feathers with PanPastel & pastel pencils:

VIDEO: Painting Animal eyes with PanPastel & pastels:

To stay up to date on Jason’s latest tutorials & resources and to see more of his work visit:
PATREON ART channel –