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October 13, 2018
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New Joanne Barby Sets

We are delighted to team up with artist Joanne Barby for two new PanPastel sets.  Joanne selected her favorite colors for the two sets which each contain 20 colors. The colors are packed in a palette tray along with Joanne’s favorite Sofft Tools. As with all of our PanPastel sets, the sets are great value, offering significant savings when compared to buying all of the individual components individually.

Joanne uses PanPastel Colors throughout most of her paintings, she also teaches workshops regularly with PanPastel.

Joanne says “I’m an artist who has never considered myself very good at drawing, as I don’t see the world in black and white lines. PanPastel Colors helps me block in what I “see” in colour, lines can be added later, once I have my “colour map” developed in PanPastel. I’ve found that a lot of my students also see like me and that’s why my PanPastel Workshops have been so successful.”

“PanPastel has changed my life and I’m not just saying that! It is a perfect fit for the way I see the world and how I apply color to paper, plus it has literally opened up a world of possibilities to me!”

About her working technique, Joanne explains: “I begin by blocking in a thin layer of PanPastel first, then I build on the layers of PanPastel which gives me depth of color and tones. Finally, I use a touch of soft pastel stick, pastel pencil or charcoal pencils for the details. I work in A3 size or bigger. I particularly love the fine PanPastel Pearl Mediums for blending the colours together, especially for backgrounds.”

We have filmed several PanPastel video tutorials with Joanne –  see below.

Read more about Joanne here.

Follow Joanne on social media to see more of her PanPastel paintings and work in progress:

General Painting Set

Ref. 30251 – 20 Colors, Palette Tray & Sofft Tools

These are the colors that Joanne uses every day when she paints a variety of subjects with PanPastel. She also uses these colors when teaching workshops.

Seascape Painting Set

Ref. 30252 – 20 Colors, Palette Tray & Sofft Tools

These are the colors that Joanne uses in the seascape painting tutorial video which we have launched. Full information, video tutorial, and reference photograph, are available here: SEASCAPE PAINTING TUTORIAL

A BONUS video using the Seascape set colors is also available – PAINTING CLOUDS TUTORIAL

Paint an apple using PanPastel 5 Color Starter Set
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Adding Clouds to Sky
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Owl Painting Tutorial
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Seascape Painting Tutorial
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