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Lachri Fine Art Review

Lisa of Lachri Fine Art shares her experience and knowledge with artists around the world. She recently published the video below with her PanPastel Colors review. The video includes her tips and techniques for using PanPastel. It’s a great video and it’s really hard to believe that she is new to painting with PanPastel!

Lisa explains in the intro. to this video review/demo that she was skeptical about using PanPastel, as she is not a fan of pastel sticks. However she explains that very quickly she discovered that PanPastel are very different to conventional pastels. They work like a paint and aren’t “chalky” as she expected. In fact we were delighted to hear that Lisa really likes many of the unique characteristics of PanPastel Colors that were the very same reasons that we developed them. Our objective in developing PanPastel was to create a dry color medium that functions like a paint, using the purest highly pigmented formulations – all professional artist’s quality colors.

Lisa likes to work quickly, she paints a lot, and painting with PanPastel makes it easy to work quickly, because they are instant. They are not messy as they are low dust, and because the specially formulated Sofft Sponges used to apply them, push the color into the paper “tooth”, the colors grab the paper better.

Another tip Lisa gives is that you don’t need to use much pressure when using the Sofft Tools, because the colors are so loaded with pigment – just a light application of color works perfectly. Preserving the colors and the tools.

Because PanPastel Colors are dry colors, they are re-workable, and erasable (with any eraser). So PanPastel are very forgiving. And as you will see in Lisa’s informative video PanPastel Colors are VERY mixed media friendly and work wonderfully with colored pencils (Lisa uses Polychromos in this video).

Lisa is also very concerned about lightfastness. And so are we! When we developed PanPastel we spent almost 5 years perfecting the formulations for each color. We went through hundreds & hundreds of formulations. As part of the R&D process we conduct lightfastness testing. This testing is done independently under museum conditions using the ASTM Lightfastness Standard. For more detailed information on the ratings used visit: lightfastness

Check out Lisa’s Patreon Channel for a much more extended version of the following video & many other tutorials (other links are provided under the video below).

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