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March 1, 2017
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May 23, 2017

Video: Cindy Barillet

Cindy Barillet, a wonderful French artist, recently shared her first thoughts about PanPastel with her followers. (See 2nd video below, in French). The first video below demonstrates the flower painting she created one of the first times she used PanPastel Colors.


Since she created the video, Cindy has enjoyed using PanPastel for more of her work, here are some more paintings she has created in recent weeks:

“Loco” PanPastel on Pastelmat with some pastel sticks & colored pencils. 24x30cm

“Kody (Shih-Tzu)” PanPastel on Pastelmat, with pastel pencils (Faber Castell) & pastel sticks


The underpainting for this horse portrait was created with PanPastel on Pastelmat, colored pencils & pastel sticks will be used to add details. (2nd image – right).


“Clown Fish” (Poissons Clowns)


To see more of Cindy’s work visit: