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May 3, 2016
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June 14, 2016

Painting: Janis Ellison

We were delighted to discover Oregon based artist Janis Ellison’s paintings with PanPastel Colors. She has only recently started using PanPastel. Here are some examples of her paintings with PanPastel on UArt paper.
Janis says: “I have been painting in pastel for over 20 years and only recently was introduced to PanPastel Colors. I have found them so versatile, these three paintings were started with PanPastel as the underpainting then finished with soft pastel stick details”


“Evening Light” 12×17″ on UArt 400


“Approaching Storm” 9×12″ on UArt 400


“Forgotten Road” 9×12″ on UArt 400

For more information about Janis visit: and follow her on Facebook: janis.l.ellison