Encaustic Techniques – Part 3
March 11, 2016
Painting: Dolores Saul
April 12, 2016

Wendy Layne Video

At a show in Texas recently, we met Wendy Layne, an artist full of passion and enthusiasm for both her work and PanPastel. We loved Wendy’s energy! And it turns out Wendy loves PanPastel, she told us how much she appreciates the fact that she can reduce the time it takes to create her large scale drawings.

About this video she says “This drawing took about 17 hours from start to finish. It was much quicker because I used PanPastel for the base of the skin tones rather than my usual 100% colored pencil faces. I saved around 70 hours on this drawing versus those of the same size where I did NOT use PanPastel.” Wow!

Wendy teaches workshops regularly. To find out more, and to see more of her work visit: