December 8, 2015
Coloring Therapy
December 9, 2015

New Portrait Video

An excellent new YouTube video has been launched by Franz-Josef Bettag on how to paint a portrait with PanPastel. While it is a German language video, don’t be put off if you don’t speak German as the visual demonstration is well worth watching, with or without knowledge of German. The video demonstrates many techniques for using PanPastel e.g how to paint flesh tones. 

Full information on the video and supporting instructions and image can be found at Bettags-Malshule.de

Franz-Josef’s portrait painting demonstration
leo_1_6_720Franz-Josef’s materials for the demonstration
About Franz-Josef Bettag


Franz-Josef Bettag has been a professional artist for 30 years in Germany. He is a popular artist, teacher and author – he has written over 30 books on painting techniques. Full information can be found at his website:bettags-malschule.de. He recently published a two DVD set for (in German). It’s called “Monochrome 3” and includes the DVD and an e-book (126 pages). In addition to showing how to use PanPastel – the book also covers many important techniques using pastel sticks, charcoal. Available here: bettags-shop.de

 Bettag DVD