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May 27, 2015
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June 12, 2015

New Surface: Pastel Premier

We recently tried samples of another new surface for pastels called Pastel Premier.  We love to try new surfaces especially those developed specifically for pastel artists. Not only does it work great with PanPastel and pastel sticks. It can be used with a wide range of wet media including water, mineral spirits, and alcohol (heavy use of alcohol NOT recommended) for under-painting.

It is a sanded surface that comes in different textures – grits – from the smoother 600 grit (extra fine), to the more textured 320 grit (medium fine). With an in-between grit which is 400 grit (fine). 600 grit papers are a great way for artists to begin using more textured pastel surfaces if they haven’t previously used the sanded/heavily textured papers often used by pastel artists.

It is made in the USA (as is PanPastel). And is made from an archival quality paper – 100% cotton.

Pastel Premier Paper TestsPastel Premier is available in three surfaces:
Medium Fine – 320 grit Italian Clay (Warm Gray)
Fine – 400 grit White
Extra Fine – 600 grit White

And in these sizes:
Pochettes: 9″x12″ (8 shts) & 12″x16″ (6 shts)
Sheets: 20″x26″ & 26″ x40″
Rolls: 53″x5yds.

More info about Pastel Premier can be found at the supplier’s website: Global Art Materials