TIP: Pastel Sticks to Add Texture
May 16, 2015
New Surface: Pastel Premier
June 10, 2015

FOCUS ON SURFACES: Delicate Papers

As PanPastel Colors are dry colors there are several advantages to using them compared to using wet color mediums. Including how they work on delicate or thin papers such as the beautiful papers from The Japanese Paper Place. This short video demonstrates how wet mediums can cause buckling and bleed-through, whereas PanPastel are dry so those issues do not occur. In addition, because PanPastel Colors are applied with non-abrasive Sofft Tools which are sponge-based, they do not tear or damage the surface of delicate papers.

The image below shows the difference between wet (acrylic) color and dry (PanPastel) color on both sides of this paper.Comparison Wet vs Dry

And the image below shows the curling/buckling created once the wet medium (right side) dried on another super-thin paper….

Wet Vs Dry Studio Shot LR


More info: PanPastel Colors: http://panpastel.com ~ Sofft Tools: http://sofftart.com