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February 14, 2015
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March 14, 2015

Online Class: Drawing Wild Animals

New Class – starts today (Feb. 16th)!  Drawing Wild Animals with Sharlena Wood

Sharlena Wood Class WIP

Learn how to draw wild animals with dramatic detail and dynamic depth alongside artist Sharlena Wood. You’ll get step-by-step guidance for depicting three beloved animals in black and white: the elephant, the panda and the leopard. Throughout the class, Sharlena will teach you to work with PanPastel and charcoal — mediums that make vivid animal portraits easier and faster to draw. Start by blocking in your animal’s main shapes and get tips for drawing them with accurate form and proportion. Move on to rendering value shifts with confidence to create drawings with remarkable dimension. Then, bring your work to life as you find out how to accurately draw animal skin, fur, spots, eyes and more. Discover new techniques and mediums as you draw powerful portraits of these amazing animals.

The class includes :

  • 7 HD video lessons with anytime, anywhere access
  • supply lists and beautiful reference photos
  • hours of close-up drawing instruction
  • answers from Sharlena in the virtual classroom

For PanPastel followers we have a VERY special offer from Sharlena – $20 off the class (that’s 57% discount)! – don’t miss out on this offer, go to:

Sharlena says “The Drawing Wild Animals class will share an exciting combination using PanPastel Colors with charcoal pencils to create stunning black and white wildlife portraits. PanPastel Colors help make the drawing process easy! I love this product and it has single handedly changed my work in great ways with impressive results. Each animal project begins using a greyscale PanPastel palette and sponges to help create a range of value and how to start blocking in main big shapes before details. From there the lessons look at various drawing with charcoal and mark-making techniques using PanPastel and knife applicators to create the illusion of patterns and textures in wildlife.”
Sharlena Wood 2
PanPastel Drawings by Sharlena Wood

Sharlena Wood

Creator of Shared Palette Interactive Art, Canada based Sharlena Wood is a vibrant and versatile artist, best known for her vast material expertise and infectious enthusiasm. Her joy for sharing knowledge combined with her cheerful and upbeat attitude inspires fearless exploration and creation – the perfect recipe for building confidence, discovering unique gifts and ultimate creative potential.