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January 28, 2015
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February 16, 2015

New Surface: PastellFix

We just got back from a trade show in Germany where we discovered a brand new pastel surface. Always exciting news for pastel artists!

We love trying out new surfaces, and this one, called PastellFix, is from the German paper manufacturer Hahnemühle. We did some preliminary tests on the few samples we had and it works beautifully with PanPastel Colors. The paper feels velvety yet it does have good “grab” so you can build up multiple layers of PanPastel nicely. Photo shows some quickly applied PanPastel marks on PastellFix – Light Gold on the left, and layers of Violet, Hansa Yellow and Permanent Red on the right. As with other surfaces, PanPastel can easily be erased (with any eraser) on this surface too.

This new paper is available in two sizes, and 6 colors: ivory, sand, navy, steel grey, dark grey and black.  More info: Hahnemühle