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January 1, 2015
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January 2, 2015

TECHNIQUE: Underpainting for Oils

New Video: Premier Coup – An Approach to Direct Painting

In this 40 minute completely instructional video (view the trailer: click here) David Kassan takes you through the different steps that he uses to create an all in one sitting Premier Coup painting of the human skull. David shows how he uses PanPastel for blocking in for his underpainting.

Premier Coup is a one shot, first strike approach to direct painting that requires an artist’s full concentration and completely deliberate responses to the subject, within a limited time. The image below shows the PanPastel underpainting, along with the finished oil painting.

The intensity of Premier Coup painting has a rich history dating back to William Merritt Chase, Robert Henri and Edwin Dickinson. To encourage a full understanding of the process, David completely vocalizes his thoughts on how he uses value, texture and brushstroke to turn form as he paints.

Included is a rich discussion of the anatomy of the skull and facial bones as well as all of David’s materials (below) PanPastel Colors, palette, brushes, mediums, paints, etc

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Watch the trailer: click here.

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