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January 9, 2015
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January 18, 2015

Susan Tierney Cockburn

We recently developed kits with artist Susan Tierney Cockburn who uses PanPastel as an important part of her flower making process. She uses PanPastel to add color to her beautiful hand-made paper flowers for a very realistic effect.

Susan Head Shot 2 Cropped

Three kits are now available as follows:

Susan's Garden Kit 1-3 Color Contents 6.15

Each kit includes:
Palette Tray with lid x 1
Sofft Knives + Covers x 2
Sofft Sponge Bar x 1

PanPastel Susan's Garden Kit & Contents 30115 2Flower Coloring Kit No.1

PanPastel Flower Coloring Kit No.2 & Contents 30116

Flower Coloring Kit No. 2

PanPastel Flower Coloring Kit No.3 Contents 30117 B

Flower Coloring Kit No.3

Susan's Bouquet 2

Flower Coloring Kit No. 2

Projects are available (in PDF format) courtesy of Ellison Corporation / Sizzix:
Cherry Blossom
Pansy & Violet

More great flower making projects are available in PDF and video format at Sizzix.com

Susan Bouquet LatestFor more information about Susan Tierney Cockburn visit: Susan’s Garden Club