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October 9, 2014
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October 25, 2014

INFO: Tints, Shades & Extra Darks…

The PanPastel Color range includes tints, shades, extra darks and pure colors.

Sometimes we are asked what’s the difference between tints, shades and extra darks. So here is a brief explanation:

PanPastel pure colors (masstone) refer to colors with pure pigment which have not been mixed with black or white.
220 =Color No. 220.5 = Pure Color (masstone)

Tints are the pure colors mixed with white.
220.8 =Tint (Pure Color + White)

Shades are the pure color mixed with black.
220.3 = Shade (Pure Color + Black)

Extra darks are created by mixing more black (more than the shade) to the pure color, to create intensely rich and dark colors
220.1= Extra Dark (Pure Color + More Black)

These pre-mixed colors offer artists ready to use, consistently mixed, tints, shades, and extra darks.

The reference numbers we use for each color, as well as the color name indicates which type of color it is. Summary of color references:

220 =Color Reference No.
220.5 = Pure Color (Masstone)
220.7/.8 =Tint (Pure Color + White)*
220.3 = Shade (Pure Color + Black)
220.1/.2= Extra Dark (Pure Color + More Black)**

Note: All greys except 840.1 are mixed with white.
*Neutral Grey 820.8 is lighter than 820.7 (i.e. more white).
**Neutral Grey 820.1 is darker than 820.2 (i.e. more black).

For information on the full color range visit:

INFO: Tints, Shades & Extra Darks…