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August 1, 2014
Pearl Mediums
August 5, 2014

New Pearlescent Mediums

Introducing 4 new Pearlescent Mediums…

Pearl Mediums Pan Group Shot sml

PanPastel Pearlescent mediums add a lustrous pearlescent sheen / shimmer which changes depending on the angle it is viewed from, also creating dimension. They are mica based. The mediums can be mixed with PanPastel Colors for custom pearlescent colors or used on their own for mixed media. They have all the characteristics of PanPastel Colors, they are mixable, erasable, low dust, lightfast and professional artist’s quality.

Black & White Marks Coarse & Fine with captions sml

Create your own custom pearlescent colors by mixing with PanPastel Colors. Use the white Pearl Mediums to tint colors and add a soft pearlescent sheen. Note: Color + White = tint. (e.g. Turquoise + White = Turquoise Tint).

Turquoise mixed with pearl sml

Depending on the desired effect – add more shimmer by increasing the proportion of Pearl Medium used when mixing with PanPastel Colors. Mix the Black Pearl Mediums with PanPastel Colors to create shimmering darks and shades for rich, jewel-like effects. Note: Color + Black= shade/extra dark. (e.g. Magenta + Black = Magenta Shade)

Mixed Purple With Pearls 2 sml

TIP! If a pan surface (medium or color) becomes contaminated simply clean off with a clean sponge or paper towel. Watch this video:

Suzanne Pearl Cr

Suzanne Fellows used Black Coarse over gouache in this mixed media piece (detail shown). Suzanne has devoted 2014 to creating artwork to support elephant conservation.












Details on all the new mediums can be found here: MEDIUMS RANGE